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August 10, 2012
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Gerudo Guard by 2dforever Gerudo Guard by 2dforever

This is for the Game-Art-HQ Zelda Tribute piece currently running.

It's a great idea, but I didnít really want to draw one of the monster type enemies in the game, I wanted to draw good old humany flesh. So I settled on one of the Gerudo Guards.

Like a lot of characters in the Zelda universe, Gerudo Guards have huge pointy noses. However I wanted this one to look a bit more human, so I designed her to appear more middle eastern (and generally prettier) with more human proportions. The big nose is still there though

For the purists out there, the outfit is a mishmash of official artwork of Gerudo Guards and the in game 3D models. They werenít consistent, so I took a little from column A and B and produced this!
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Ryua Jul 25, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Man, this is great. I love how you've taken all the Gerudo features, and yet made her look human on top of it. Really nicely done, possibly the best Gerudo female I've seen.
So looks so dazzling!
Very beitufull renderation of Nabooru,alltought I did read that it was Gerudo guard it was at first supposed to be,ah well - but may I ask,why does she not have the traditional yellow eyes?
Or is this also part of the"appear more middle eastern" change?
If so,she could actuly have normal brown eyes,if more human is what you seek X3
I actuly don't think Gerduo is far off being human-ish O.o'
Sure the noses are extremly pointy but thats what make them Gerduo and a bit less humen,yet not too un-human,me thinks,ah well ^^

still,very beutifull pic! I bet it took you ages to do it :aww:
2dforever Feb 14, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah, I got some of the details wrong. I don't know Zelda that well.
Ah I see,that explains it then ^^
oh well,you made a beitufill pic,nontheless the details may not be 100% right! : D
But this is far more similar to Nabooru than a Gerudo Guard... well, you fight her inside an Iron Knukle in the game, I suppose. :XD:
glitteringpeaches Aug 31, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Amazing job on the detail!!! I was the same way! (Doing the Gerudo Thief) :XD: I didn't really want to draw monsters, so took on doing the theif. I was having the same problems too. With the outfit. I couldn't really see any of the details ether from the 3D models. So I have to say, you did such an amazing job on it! I particulary love the way you did the cloth fabric! It looks so real! :aww:
2dforever Sep 3, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks, I'm glad you like it :) Yeah, it was tricky with the models in the game being so simple... Turns out I primarily drew Nabooru, rather than a Gerudo Guard. Shows how much I know though!
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